OPITO Blasting and Painting Course

The OPITO blasting and painting course is now offered by Intercorr. The OPITO accredited Blaster/Painter Training is designed to provide delegates with a basic knowledge of the blaster/painter industry.

opito blast and painting course

OPITO blast and painting course

This OPITO accredited Training course is widely recognised as the industry standard for blasting and painting operations. Delegates undertaking and successfully completing the OPITO Blaster/Painter Training (Stage 1) course will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and core skills to begin (Stage 2) workplace training and experience under direct supervision.

Delegates will learn about the responsibilities of the blaster/painter; the hazards that they face and, current health & safety, environmental and quality requirements relating to the role.

OPITO Blaster/Painter Training course will include the responsibilities of the blaster/painter on current health & safety, environmental and quality requirements.


This course covers the following:

  • Introduction for blasting & painting
  • Working Safely
  • Compressor Awareness
  • Surface preparation and blasting
  • Painting and spraying
  • Quality Control

You will receive a Blaster/Painter Certificate on successful completion of the course.


3 days


Personnel new to the blaster/painter industry & personnel who want to improve there knowledge and skills of the industry


Course costs £800 + VAT. For further information send us an email or call 07960 606676

Note: This course is delivered via a respected Inter Corrosion Services partner company, Advanced Industrial Services




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